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PVC has a remarkable balance of properties. It is strong, resistant to oil and chemicals, easily decorated, resistant to sunlight and weathering, flame resistant, and low in cost. At one time, PVC was often formulated with little regard for avoidance of toxic ingredients. This is no longer true. RGM's biodegradable banner material , for example, contains no toxic materials. It is based on the latest technology, highly pure PVC resin, fine particle limestone to provide opacity, plasticizer of vegetable origin to provide flexibility, and the titanium pigment used in the highest quality paint to add to sunlight resistance. Overall, more than 80% of the content of our biodegradable banner material is derived from sources other than petroleum

Previously PVC showed no degradation after decades of landfill burial. When degradable materials, such as starch, were added, they were consumed in the landfill but the PVC itself was untouched. RGM Group uses a nontoxic formula that, at very low levels, enables landfill decomposition of biodegradable banner material . RGM's biodegradable banner material has been engineered to be the FIRST truly environmentally friendly, biodegradable PVC sign material.

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